Wayne Norman

Line Producer



World Wide Services

Why fix it in Post when you can do it Right in Production

I have shot all over the world, including third world countries and have an excellent ability to translate my American production fluency into other countries.  

I am no longer interested in third world country production, however, I have strong skills and contacts in Western Europe and select portions of the Caribbean.  I can effectively manage productions in these regions, delivering high production value at a reasonable cost.  

The Los Angeles market is singular in the variety and skill level of the people, however, every country and region has a group of professionals that can deliver very high quality results.  But every country has certain "regional" idiosyncrasies that must be respected.

I make shooting overseas comfortable and fun.  All crews I work with are great professionals, operating the best equipment available.  They welcome foreigners and are anxious to deliver the highest production value.  It is not always possible, but I try to hire English speaking key crew members, so you can communicate effectively, however, I make sure we have at least one film or video fluent liaison that speaks the local language and English.  

I establish accounts with a local bank so vendors and crew can be paid quickly and without currency variations.  I work with the appropriate film commissions or government officials to assure proper access and avoidance of community issues.

Depending on the country I make sure I have back ups for both crew and equipment so in the event someone or a piece of equipment should fail or fall through I have an alternative available.

Every country is different, some are more accommodating than others, but shooting in a foreign country should be fun and as painless as shooting in the USA.


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