Television Production

Television Production includes comedies, dramas, reality shows, webcasts, infomercials, sporting events, variety shows, television specials, DVD releases, etc.

Television productions require a Line Producer who can put together a realistic budget and timeline that can be supported with a well thought out production plan.   A Line Producer is only as good as their support team, one that can work together to effectively produce a project in the specified period of time.  It means working with key department heads and high quality equipment resources to produce a project that achieves the best results.  These projects require extensive production and post-production knowledge so there is a seamless completion of the project.  Having a complete knowledge of the post-production workflow, means that the production will be done right so post-production can be executed with all of the pieces available as scheduled.

Projects with multiple episodes require a Line Producer who can afford to devote the required hours to accomplish all of the tasks defined by each week's script.  It means juggling multiple episodes and getting as large a jump as possible on upcoming episodes.  These productions require someone who can maintain logistical order and be able to secure all of the special needs far enough in advance to avoid panic buying.  The Line Producer must organize a production support staff that has initiative, and requires no supervision.  The Line Producer has to have the logistical skills to develop a production plan for each script and then allow the production staff to carry out the daily details.

I have the ability to develop the necessary production planning and budgeting for single episode and multi-episode television productions and I can provide the logistical consultation for the creative process so Producers