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Viral Communications

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Doing it Right through experience and selection of the right equipment and production personnel.

Viral Communications is the most remarkable and valuable form of communications allowing the unfettered release of a message in which the public .

Viral Communications is remarkable and allows a company to deliver their message at a reasonable cost.

Production equipment has evolved so it is now possible to cost-effectively shoot HDTV with high quality images and sound that delivers incredible impact.  Editing systems and software are so sophisticated that projects can be edited with minimal turnaround and cost.

Through the use of comedy or music, it is possible to deliver the corporate image and message to hundreds of thousands, even millions of people without the restraints and costs of traditional media.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other Social media sites offer your client the opportunity to deliver an intense message hidden as entertainment, offering greater retention and a more positive image.

I have access to the equipment and personnel to take your client's message directly to the public at a reasonable price.  This includes high quality cameras, sophisticated editing, and delivery on videotape, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, or DVD.  This service also includes high definition video and international broadcast standards, if so required.

I can provide writers and other production support personnel to help create the viral message and then produce the project within budget guidelines.


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