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Doing it Right through experience and selection of the right equipment and production personnel.

Special Events Productions is the coverage of corporate, civic, and organizational events on a large scale.

I specialize in integrating your firms insight and intelligence into a practical and capable production that delivers the production values and technical results you demand.  

Special Event production is very similar to live events, except these productions are very sophisticated and getting out the correct message takes planning that goes beyond expectation.   Having the best equipment and personnel is only good if a practical and intelligent logistical plan is in place.  This plan must encompass all aspects of the production so that your company, your client, your client's clients and the public are appropriately tended to and the proper message delivered.

Executing these projects is very complex, requiring exceptional insight into the logistical as well as venue demands.  Understanding the entire nature of the event and the intended audience is mandatory.  For a very successful outcome requires working with all departments and authorities to deliver an exceptional production.

The logistical considerations for these productions are mind boggling, however, with experience and extraordinary resources excellent results can be achieved.  Whether it be single camera or multiple camera coverage using a mobile unit these productions have the potential for huge success.  Whether it be for archiving or release to the public, or internal corporate use, these special events must carefully coordinated.  I will make the technical process transparent, while you focus on the creative and informational aspects

These productions require insight and the ability to anticipate as many variables as possible.  Having crews that are eager and intelligent, who follow the content of the program, who do not have to be led by a leash and instead take their own initiative to get the right shot at the right time.

I have the resources to secure satellite trucks, remote trucks, single camera ENG (Electronic News Gathering - news oriented with minimum audio, video, and lighting equipment) or single camera EFP (Electronic Field Production - Higher end production with reasonable audio, video and lighting resources),
Video Projection, Sound Reinforcement, Staging, and all of the support audio, video, and lighting equipment for a major presentation.

With my technical management and your creative skills you can make these projects cohesive and on-target for your client.


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