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Doing it Right through experience and selection of the right equipment and production personnel.

Corporate executives often have to speak on behalf of their company and with the variety of communications technology now available many require special training for a better presentation in front of cameras and the media.

You provide the training, I will provide the camera, sound, lighting equipment, and personnel to record them for playback and analysis.  The crews and equipment are reasonably priced and yet flexible enough for quick retrieval of the recording for playback.

There is nothing more valuable than being able to look back at a speech and evaluate body language, style of delivery, the cadence, and most importantly the overall effect of the presentation.  It is also invaluable to learn what a camera is capable of seeing and how to present support materials and deal with questions and answers, especially contentious ones that are trying to solicit an unfavorable response.

I provide crews that understand the need for confidentiality, and have a professional attitude and appearance.  They fully support you and give you a sense of confidence which translates to your client.  

These informal sessions place the appropriate amount of pressure on the speaker, and give them reinforcement and critical feedback.  Being able to see themselves on video, with your guidance, gives them confidence in their presentation and speaking skills.   

If you require additional assistance in training I have the experience with major corporate executives in assisting them in finding their voice and look for presentation to the public.


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