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Video News Releases

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Doing it Right through experience and selection of the right equipment and production personnel

Video News Releases allow a corporation or organization to disseminate information to the public as news pieces released to television stations and news organizations around the United States and the world.

I can provide all of the equipment and crews to prepare, edit and disseminate video news releases throughout the United States and the World.  Whether the story is based in a major city or a rural area I can quickly and effectively assemble production teams to one or more locations.

Video news releases require precise production with a specific script and/or objective in mind.  I work closely with you to select the appropriate production format and arrange all of the travel and production logistics so you can produce the most effective piece in the time frame specified.  

I provide the production logistics, production and post-production facilities and equipment while you focus on content and objective.  If you require assistance in production content I can also assist in locating writers, on-camera moderators, as well as Segment Producers.  


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