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Live Events

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Doing it Right through experience and selection of the right equipment and production personnel.

For live events I provide complete video, audio, lighting and production management services so you can devote yourself to the creative elements and appeasing your client.  My job is to eliminate all of the technical details from your thoughts, and assure that your production satisfies all the demands of your client.

Live Events include a variety of Public Relations applications that allows your client to tape or broadcast a live event for use within the corporation, or more dramatically, for release to the public. These events usually require coordination with a wide variety of other vendors and location owner(s).  I bring these elements together, in a seamless manner, that allows you to devote your attention to the Client's presentation 

I secure the equipment and crews, working closely with you and other department heads and creative groups to assure that the event is technically correct and properly covered to maximize the message to be conveyed.  I have crews and equipment that assure the event will be properly presented in a video medium and have the ability for world wide broadcast using fiber optic or Satellite transmission from the site.  

These events are logistical challenges and I offer superior capabilities that take into consideration the variables presented.  These logistical challenges often bring down a production unless under the auspices of a truly technically qualified Producer.


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