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Internal Corporate Communications

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Doing it Right through experience and selection of the right equipment and production personnel.

Internal Corporate communications is for the dissemination of information to employees. government agencies, stock holders, vendors, and customers.

Corporations rely on communications to effectively express necessary information to the parties of interest.  These projects often have to b e done on a limited budget and yet achieve a high quality look and feel.

Through  the internet or intranet the client's message can be disseminated  to the intended recipients.  Security restrictions prevent the public at large from viewing the materials, while allowing those you authorize to access your message, and record when and from what computer they watched it.  

I have access to the equipment and personnel who can deliver high production value at a reasonable price.  This includes high quality cameras, sophisticated editing, and delivery on videotape, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, or DVD.  This service also includes high definition video and international broadcast standards, if so required.

Once you have settled on the script and objectives, then with your leadership we will seek out the appropriate interviewees and B roll to assemble a high quality presentation with a strong message.  I have access to all of the production crews and equipment that make the process efficient and effective.

These pieces must present a strong representation of the corporate image and credibility, especially when the materials are intended for distribution outside the corporate environment, to customers, vendors, government officials or end users, if applicable. 


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