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As a Line Producer, Technical Producer, or Production Supervisor, I can provide the sophistication and resources to make your video or film production experience seamless and enjoyable for you and your client.  These services are a major revenue source for your company that must be executed precisely and with a sense of quality and creativity to deliver the results your client expects.

For public relations firms, I offer special television and film production services for viral communications, press conferences, public speaking training, live events, news releases, internal corporate communications, and special events.  I can provide as little or as much as you require in terms of creative and technical services to assure you of the finest end product.

I possess exceptional knowledge and logistical skills for live satellite, fiber optic or internet transmissions as well as taped or filmed single and multiple camera projects. Whether it be for live broadcast on commercial television, over the internet, into theaters, to downlinks, DVDs or for internal corporate use, I can provide the technical and logistical support for a successful presentation. 

I always choose the equipment that has the appropriate level of sophistication for the project.  My services are at a fair and reasonable price and I make NO money from equipment mark ups, although I do have a small mark up for crewing services, which provides for scheduling expenses, worker's compensation, unemployment and maintenance of crew profiles.

Unlike many companies all of the people I employ are hired as employees and not as independent contractors.  This prevents problems that can arise because of a failure to have worker's compensation insurance and other issues.  In the event of injury on your project you and your client face limited liability in most states.  I am familiar with labor laws in the state of California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, and when necessary I study the appropriate laws in other states.

I have exceptional experience and understanding of High Definition Production, 3-D technologies, as well as film and standard definition.  I also have thorough knowledge of international broadcast standards and can apply that to world wide distribution and production.  

I know the advantages and limitations of flight packs, mobile units, satellite trucks, studios, single camera and multi-camera production, as well as editing systems and packages.  Furthermore I have a large database of location services, throughout the United States and most of Europe and parts of Asia. 

I quickly learn the subject matter so I can properly translate the project needs into the logistical and creative requirements. 

My skills extend beyond production logistics, for I understand the needs and wants of executives and major celebrities and can provide the amenities required for such shoots, including travel and accommodations.  I do this on your behalf and attribute all success to your firm and act only as your employee when in the presence of your client.

My budgeting skills are superb and I will give you a variety of options to present to your client if you so choose.  I know where corners can be cut with a minimum of sacrifice, and have the technological skills to pick the right equipment and personnel for the budget selected.  Technology now allows the use of cheaper equipment to accomplish much greater tasks with superb results.  In fact some of the "cheaper" equipment offer results that rival even the best equipment and surpass the quality of what was once considered the best. 

Budget determines how the final product will look and feel like and with the advancement in technology it is now possible to deliver an incredible look and feel at a fraction of the cost.  

I can handle most budgets, but I do have certain minimums which vary depending on the nature and sophistication of the production.  I prepare thorough budgets and logistical considerations so there are no surprises.

I work with your personnel to provide the most transparent and success oriented services available.  I never take credit for the results, instead act as a "behind the scenes" person with minimal contact with your client.  Instead I focus on delivering services to you for you to receive the accolades.

But what makes me superior is that changes do not phase me.  I take them in stride and can quickly adapt and make the necessary adjustments to comply with your new needs. I do not make financial decisions without thoroughly consulting with you and let you make the final decisions, especially when they have financial consequences.

The most important aspect of any production is communications.  I am thorough in preparing each and every project and make sure that every thing associated with it is fully disclosed to you. 

Clients expect and demand professionalism.  My crews have a proper appearance and understanding of the client and their policies.   They are reliable and provide services with a smile and project their personality in a positive and amicable manner.  This further adds to you firm's ability to delivery the best of services, making your client comfortable, and devoted to you.

When it's time for your next television oriented project and you seek someone who can provide all of the support you require so you devote all of your attention to client satisfaction allow me an opportunity to present my skills for consideration.



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