Wayne Norman

Line Producer



Motion Picture Production

Why fix it in Post when you can do it Right in Production

Motion Picture production is essentially a small company with the singular goal of manufacturing creative faire that touches the heart and mind of the audience.  It takes an uncompromising team with a true spirit of pride to produce a high quality and cost-contained movie.

A full length Motion Picture can now be produced for as little as $20,000, but more typically between $200,000 and $2,000,000.  Having a sophisticated Line Producer who has the logistical and technical knowledge to budget and manage the production allows the producers to stay focused on the creative issues.  But all productions have limitations, and often the budget restricts the creative process.  I have the logistical skills to help the production team achieve their creative goals, even with budget limitations.

There are two types of budgets. The first is fictitious prepared for an investor that has no basis in reality, and could never be used as a production criterion.  The second is a realistic and detailed budget that can go directly into production with little or no adjustments.  I can prepare a realistic budget based on any financial amount from $100,000 to $10,000,000 with adequate contingency for the unexpected.  It will use the appropriate resources to deliver a high quality production.

I have the ability to prepare a financial and business plan for presentation to investors.  Although there is no assurance of income for a production, my presentation will inform the investor of the potential for return, tempered with the risk of investment in a motion picture.

Having a working knowledge of SAG Ultra Low budget, SAG Modified Low Budget, SAG Low Budget, and SAG Basic Agreement gives me the ability to appropriately budget and prepare preliminary production schedules that fit all union requirements.

Technology has now advanced so even pro-sumer cameras are of such high quality it is practical to produce a film for far less than ever before.  Editing can now be done on almost any Mac or PC computer.  But these technologies still require sophisticated production management and planning.

With the advent of 3-D, the Line Producer must be completely familiar with all technical and creative aspects of this new and sophisticated technology.  It's complexity requires a well coordinated and educated production and post-production team.  There are enormous variables so there must be clarity when choosing the equipment, vendors, and crew for the project.

I have the experience and fortitude to deal with all types of personalities and have worked with some very difficult ones.  I am usually the mediator who resolves conflicts between people and allows the production to maintain cohesiveness.

 I have the crew and equipment resources, as well as the production skills  to bring your production to fruition and develop a business plan that gives your investor an insight into the income potential and pitfalls of motion picture production.


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