Wayne Norman

Line Producer




Why fix it in Post when you can do it Right in Production

A production must have all of the necessary tools to effectively produce a creative sensory experience.

Acquisition and Post-Production Technology is advancing rapidly and I understand and have worked with almost all technologies and equipment so I have an excellent comprehension of the capabilities and limitations of the various devices.  I am well versed in the new 3D technologies and have a complete logistical understanding of it's implementation.

I have a strong vendor database throughout the United States and parts of Europe, and rate each vendor for quality and reliability of their equipment, as well as their customer service policies.  This is especially important when it comes to loss and damage.

Most producers do not have the technical knowledge to properly and effectively equip a production.  Technology is always evolving, now more than ever before.  I possess the technical fluency for film, HDTV, and video to select the right equipment to accomplish the task at hand.  Now with new advances in high definition production, it is possible to produce projects within budget criteria that were never feasible before.  

One of the most overlooked aspects of a production is sound.  Having the right technology during production makes for a far easier post-production experience.   There is now equipment available for complete isolation of every mike for proper and effective mixing during post.  This technology revolutionizes  production and allows for the ever increasing importance of 5.1 and 7.1 sound to be fulfilled.

The budget determines the quantity and quality of equipment and as always there are sacrifices to be made.  I work closely with all department heads in determining their requirements and then finding vendors who can deliver those needs at the right price and quality.  Equipment can be fickle and must be highly maintained so there is little or no down time, and just because it is priced right does not mean it will deliver the value required.  

Most Line Producers claim to have an understanding of production but lack skills in post-production.  Again, technology has advanced the completion process to effectively reduce costs, and allow even the smallest production to achieve a look and feel through post-production that rivals high budget monstrosities.


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