Wayne Norman

Line Producer





The Best People Make the Best Productions

I strive to find and work with the best crew people.  I maintain an extensive database of people throughout the United States with exceptional qualifications. 

There are crew people that you have strong working relations with and they are and should always be your first choice.  When one or more people are not available I have the crewing resources to call upon true professionals that will  enhance your production.  I only suggest seasoned broadcast and film professionals who understand proper production etiquette and format.  I do not have to tell them what to do and when, they just do it, and they do it right.  

The crew is what determines the efficiency, creative results and the ease with which the production reaches it's objectives.  The better the crew, the easier and more fun the project will be.  So many Line Producers look upon the crew as the place to reduce costs.  This is the worst choice, for a fantastic crew will improve efficiency and deliver the creativity results your production craves.

Equipment is equipment.  Any production can get the same equipment at the same price, but it is the crew who determines the look and feel of your production. 

Of course, budget limitations may reduce your staffing from "A" Listers to "B" Listers, but I will never submit the name of a crew member that I have not had previous experience or knowledge of.  My suggestions are almost always significantly better than most Line Producers'.  The people I select work as a crew, not as individuals and their experience, knowledge, and attitude assure high end results.


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