Wayne Norman

Line Producer



Commercial and
Music Video Production

Commercials and Music Videos are now more affordable than ever before.  This "new" affordability also requires speed and accuracy to complete the project with the creative flow required at a budget that provides adequate profit.

I  understand corporate imaging and the need to deliver the highest quality production at the most affordable price.  With new technology the look and feel of a production can be delivered for far less than before.  Even the cost of visual effects has come down, although it is still the most expensive part of most productions and the true crafts people are harder to negotiate with. 

My budgets are accurate and developed based on your shooting style and profit objectives.  I can provide the logistical options giving you more production flexibility but the same quality of acquisition and post-production.  Now with CGI being even more sophisticated and affordable the creative options have greatly expanded.

I work with your equipment vendors and preferred crew, or I can put together the right equipment package with a stellar crew to provide the director and producer the creative tools to deliver an exceptional project.  But most importantly my sights are on the profit margin so all that effort is worthwhile and allows your company to advance.

In today's demanding economic environment where everything must be done cheaper and better, a Line Producer must think in new terms, using solutions that are cutting edge, but proven enough to be controllable and cost-effective.  Often new technologies can cause production problems either in acquisition or post-production.  I will not provide a new technology solution unless it has a proven track record, or the budget will allow it's use, even if problems arise.  Some clients will accept this risk, just to provide that differentiation of their commercial or music video.

I have 3-D experience and can provide you with the expertise and guidance to use this new and exciting technology.  But as with all new technologies the costs are higher and the time required to acquire the desired results can be an impediment.

I am a realist and understand the process of music video and commercial production and can develop a budget that fits your production criteria.  Furthermore I can bring in a sense of professionalism that will allow you to maintain control over production crew and expenses.  There are very few people who are as capable or technically sophisticated as I am and still maintain a strong understanding of the creative process.




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