Reality shows are the most complex and frustrating television programs to produce. In addition to a great concept, financial success is often predicated on the ability to anticipate the unknown and offer reasonable, economically sensible alternatives. No matter how well a show is planned, there are always going to be variables, sometimes severe. A great Line Producer can grasp those variables, preparing contingencies that take the vast majority of them into consideration. By incorporating sensible technical and logistical solutions the goal of achieving a creatively and financially successful show is very realistic. A great Line Producer must also be able to think on their feet and have instant recollection of all of the correct facts and information so proper decisions can be made, enhancing the quality of the program.

My logistical and organizational skills are superb. I make sure all of the crew and staff are properly informed and provide detailed information as to what is to be accomplished that day and how we are going to accomplish it. I have a very strong technical background so I know what is reasonable and what cannot be accomplished with the equipment, crew, or time allotted.

Without proper preparation the profit from a show can be completely wiped out. My budgets are very accurate, and can almost always be made to fit the producers profit criteria. I also place most purchase and rental items out to bid, seeking special deals, and making sure the show gets the most bang for the buck.

I provide comprehensive daily reports detailing the days' events and offer solutions for content, technical, logistical, and budget issues, if needed. You will be astonished at my attention to detail and boundless energy! Most importantly, I am a team player and know how to get all types of personalities to unite into a cohesive, inspired team that strives for the greatest creative achievement.

I am very experienced at traveling a show from one or more locations by car, airplane, or boat. I have extensive international experience, and never let past experience be accepted as current policy. I always double, and sometimes, triple check all travel related issues, making sure I have everything in writing, plus the names of contact people to reach if something goes awry. My travel experience includes most of Europe, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Central America, many parts of Mexico, and several third world countries.

I am also not afraid to get my hands dirty. If something needs to be done and no one else is available to do it, I will step in and grab that cable, garbage bag, or whatever it takes to make for greater efficiency.

Creatively, you will come to rely on me to provide strong, positive feedback on how to improve the show. I have great insight into show concepts and often provide solid suggestions on how to enhance the entertainment value of the show and deliver something that is memorable and has great viewer appeal. My specialty is plot twists and methods to get someone to do or say something.

This brief introduction only gives you a taste of what I can bring to a show. A meeting will allow me to clearly demonstrate my skills at achieving maximum profit, while attaining unparalleled creative content.