What are you looking for in a Line Producer, Unit Production Manager, Production Manager or Producer?

You need someone who can translate the creative process into a logistically and financially controlled environment that maximizes the dollar invested and turns out the most creative and successful product possible. Boy, that is a mouthful. Maybe I can better explain it as: I can do the job far better than almost anyone else.

Let me summarize and start from the beginning. My budgeting skills are excellent and very detailed. I always include adequate contingency and provide thorough consideration to all logistical and creative issues. I recognize the needs of each department and make sure the right people get the right support to accomplish their tasks. Because of my exceptional logistical skills, I can prepare a production schedule that is extremely efficient and catches the little details and errors that can cost a production both time and money.

If you are looking for assistance in raising funds for your production, or need help selling a project to a television network or motion picture studio, I have the skills to prepare successful presentations. I thoroughly research the subject matter and intended audience. I then prepare a presentation that clearly defines the success potential of the project.

Now, for the details:

My realm of expertise includes low and medium budget features, documentaries, commercials, music videos, reality programming, industrials, corporate presentations, sports, live and taped specials, news, episodic, and sit-coms. Whether the production is big or small, well financed or scraping to get by, I can manage your production so you can devote yourself to the creative process. You will achieve the production you've envisioned and, just as importantly, do it within budget.

What really separates me from all others is I am very computer literate with a strong knowledge of both Macintosh and PC software, hardware, and support systems. In fact, I have developed computer databases and software that extensively detail budgets and automatically prepare production reports. My budgets are better prepared because my software automatically follows continuity issues and points them out so errors are reduced and properly accommodated. In addition, I have specially modified an accounting program for film and television production so all expenses can be accurately tracked and compared to the budget. No other line producer or production manager has access to or developed software as sophisticated as mine.

There are few as logistically minded as I am. I visualize almost every production scenario, planning and preparing detailed production schedules that are realistic and don't place an absurd amount of pressure on the participants. I am thoroughly familiar with the major union contracts for actors, writers, directors and crews and know how to work within their codes.

There are so many variables in a production that no one can anticipate every hiccup. What I can recognize is a problem in its early stages, before it interferes with the production schedule, but what makes me exceptional is I will either have a plan or the logistical and creative ability to adjust the production to accommodate the problem.

I bring a strong sense of teamwork to every production. I coordinate department heads so they work cohesively with the common goal of exceeding the director's and producer's vision. I do this by earning the respect of each department head so they work as part of the team to approach problems and provide creative solutions.

When the producer or director needs someone to bounce ideas off of, I provide realistic and creative feedback, and offer suggestions to accomplish their idea within the proposed budget parameters. I also know how to interpret an idea that exceeds budget and logistical constraints and propose alternatives that may equal or exceed the intention, but do so within the production parameters.

Whether the production medium is film, video or HDTV, I possess the knowledge and skills to make your production shine and achieve the success you dream of. I have worked extensively using the new HDTV formats, and understand their potential and limitations. In fact, I have a far better understanding of HDTV than most Producers and Production Managers.

I have detailed databases of crews; production personnel and vendors that can be tapped when the people you prefer to work with are not available. I also believe strongly in the written word and always prepare deal memos with all personnel so you are protected from potential disagreements. I have a keen business sense and can develop procedures and systems for the production office staff so the project meets it's goals and runs efficiently.

If you are beginning to prep a project, give me an opportunity to meet so I may detail how I can save you thousands of dollars and accomplish the look and feel your project deserves. I will demonstrate my customized software and show you I have the skills and expertise to manage a well-run production with detailed financial reporting. I will keep the project on budget and exceed your creative expectations.

So, let's meet, and I will demonstrate how I can reduce the burdens of day to day production so you can focus on the important issues. Thank you for your time and consideration.